The journey to becoming the product and service provider of choice is never easy. Arrelic Consulting services, Training & Development,  Predictive Services, Reliability Software Solutions and Predictive Analytics Business Units are strengthened by alliances with leading Management Consultancy, Training Institutes, Analytics Firms, Certification Bodies; Best in class technology provider in execute the project and Leading IT firms.

Our network of alliance and teaming relationships creates business value, reduces implementation risk and accelerates speed-to-market.

We work with our partners to boost their revenue growth, expand market and geographic reach, facilitate sales process, and enhance product and service offerings.

Arrelic and alliance partners jointly execute the services and training that address our clients’ business. During execution of project we share our expertise with our alliances to address the bottle neck situation.

In accordance with Arrelic corporate governance model and transparency in strategy building makes a healthy relationship with our alliances partners.

Our alliances are broadly divided in 6 categories based on market need.

  • Teaming Partner
  • PdM Support Partner
  • Business Partner
  • Platform partner
  • System Integration Partner
  • Technology Partner

Interested to become our alliances