Infrared Thermography : Cost Effective Way to Manage your Machines.

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Infrared Thermography is the most important and cost effective element of any electrical maintenance program. Research Shows an average of 400% return on investment for your investment on your infrared thermography inspection. Using the most advanced infrared thermographic sensors and analysis, our technicians evaluate the performance and safety of electrical and mechanical systems, roofing, water-proofing and wall insulation systems. When infrared testing is used to locate and document thermal anomalies (hotspots) in building systems, our infrared surveys help property owners and facility managers identify potentially dangerous and costly problems.

Our infrared baseline surveys provide crucial information about the performance of an existing building–information to establish a baseline for tracking the integrity and performance of its different systems over time.

Infrared Thermographic Testing is Powerful, Versatile, and Highly Accurate

Infrared thermographic testing is essentially a non-invasive, non-destructive inspection process that uses temperature sensing scanners. These infrared devices gather temperature signatures that lie beyond the range of visible light. Analysis of this data will help you detect a wide range of problems in building systems and structures, including moisture intrusion, missing or damaged insulation, overloaded circuits, faulty wiring, loose electrical connections, construction defects and storm damage.

Infrared Thermographic Testing – Look Before You Leap

Whether you are looking to purchase or are managing existing properties, the ability to assess the existing condition and to find hidden problems through infrared thermographic testing can be of real value. Infrared Consulting Services, Inc. baseline infrared surveys establish and document the baseline condition at a point in time which can be referred to in the future if problems develop.

Experienced Thermographers For Infrared Thermographic Testing

Since 1977, Infrared Consulting Services, Inc. has been providing qualified infrared testing and evaluation to property and facilities managers on specific building systems. Our technicians are not only experienced and proficient in infrared testing methods, but they have a working knowledge of the systems being tested.


Advantages of Thermography


  • You get a visual picture
  • So that you can compare temperatures over large area
  • It is real time capable of catching moving targets
  • Able to find deteriorating components prior to failure
  • Measurement in areas inaccessible or hazardous
  • Reduction of production losses due to unplanned
  • Reduced maintenance and repair costs
  • Increased equipment life
  • Increased Mean-Time-Between-Failures (MTBF)
  • Increased productivity and profitability


Uses of IR- Thermography :
IR Thermography is a very useful tool for, not only predictive & preventive maintenance, it has been widely used in the following industries:

·       Building Analysis

·       Moisture & Restoration

·       Home Inspection & Energy Auditing

·       Property & Facility Management

·       Industrial Automation

·       Safety

·       Manufacturing Companies

·       Electrical Contractors

·       Veterinarian

·       Medical

·       Public & Private Sectors

·       Oil & Gas Extraction

·       Refineries & Petrochemicals

·       SF6 Gas Emission Control

·       Municipal Gas Distribution

·       Engineering

·       Education & Research Institute

Services Offered from Arrelic

Custom Infrared Thermography Consulting
Need assistance developing or proving an infrared thermography application, or just need a special infrared survey performed? The Mattcons will come to your facility, with our own infrared cameras, and help you develop an infrared solution for your application. Please Contact us for more details and a quotation.

Infrared Thermography Certification Courses
Regional infrared training courses allow industrial profectional  to attend Mattcons Thermography Training at locations convenient to them.  We offer

  • Regular Level 1 / Level 2 Certification Courses
  • In-House / On-Site Certification Training
  • Electrical IR Specialist Certification Course
  • Calibration-Check on IR Cameras
  • (free service for course-participants)
  • Condition Monitoring Consultative Services

Level I and II Certification Courses, are based on the American Society of Non-Destructive Testing (ASNT) Training Program guidelines.

Electrical IR Specialist Certification Course:
Being certified does not necessarily mean the Thermographer can detect true electrical faults or problems. This course caters to IR service providers and certified thermographers who are engaged in electrical IR services.

we adopt a hands-on approach in our training and participants are evaluated on their understanding of IR physics and efficiency in camera operation


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