OE MODEL From Arrelic

Operational Excellence (OE) is an integrated management system developed by Arrelic that drives business productivity by applying proven practices and procedures in three foundation blocks.

  • Asset Productivity

  • Capital Effectiveness

  • Operations Risk Management

The OE management system gives a company the benefits of lower costs, increased efficiencies, fewer injuries, maximum sustainable returns on operating assets, and an enhanced competitive position.

A study by the Board of Manufacturing and Engineering Design (formerly the Manufacturing Studies Board) of the U.S. National Research Council showed that companies that effectively implemented world-class manufacturing systems achieved tremendous improvements in asset productivity performance.

  1. Increase in product quality 100–400%
  2. Increase in manufacturing productivity 40–70% (quantity/person)
  3. Increase in manufacturing capacity 15–25%
  4. Reduction in in-process inventory 30–60%
  5. Reduction in overall product introduction time 30–60%

At Arrelic , we have experienced these levels of impressive, measurable results. The application of OE best practices has also given us outstanding performance in low-cost risk management (seven times better than the industry average) and a 10- to 15-percent improvement in overall capital effectiveness.

Contact us for OE Implementation 

dsahoo@arrelic.com  | +1 – 310 929 7404

Posted by Arrelic

Arrelic is a deep-tech firm aiming to bring the next level of IoT based sensor technology for smart manufacturing to create a better future in today’s world.

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